The Next Generation of High-Performance Computing

About Midway3 

The Research Computing Center (RCC) commissioned a new addition to its high-end computing capabilities: Midway3. This new computing cluster is housed in the University of Chicago’s data center along with Midway2, which will remain in operation. Through Midway3, the University of Chicago community will continue to benefit from computing infrastructure that provides ample compute power and the latest approaches for enabling discovery and innovation.

Midway3 builds upon two previous generations of Midway clusters at UChicago, offering faster and more powerful computation for the massive data and detailed simulations of today’s science. Midway3 was built on an entirely overhauled architecture, reflecting updated trends in computer manufacturing and scientific applications. It should be noted that Midway3 is comprised of both Intel and AMD nodes. The user is able to select resources based on project-specific computational needs.